Does it matter whether you are a pessimist or an optimist?  Is it necessary to 'hope'?  Do you really have to think positive for people to like you?  Should other people's decisions impact your attitude?

Life is a lot like fishing-- You are just not going to catch a fish with every cast-yet, but you should prepare, hope and be ready on every cast!  There are times when the fish will strike immediately when the fly hits the water—other casts, the fish may strike right at the end of the cast when you are just about ready to bring in the line and cast again.  If you are not ready when the fish strikes or because you think they won’t, you won’t be ready and they will spit out the fly and swim away and another opportunity is missed.

There are times when the fish are there and jumping all around but not striking your fly—so you need to change flies.  There are times when you won’t see any fish and suddenly they strike.  You can have a number of strikes within minutes—other times you won’t have any strikes for hours.  Sometimes your prettiest cast won’t get a strike—other times you may accidently catch a fish by dragging your line behind you—which is very rare.  The more skilled you are as a fisherman, the quicker you are about deciding when to change flies or when to go to another spot—but no matter how good you are you can’t make the fish strike—it’s their decision.

So, as with life, who you are and how you feel about life is something you can control.  You can’t control the decisions of others.  Those decisions may disappoint you, however, don't let the decisions of others determine how you feel about yourself, again focus on what you can control—and don’t get hung up on what others decide to do.  Focus on your decisions and learn to hope for good outcomes.  Whether you are a father, mother, son or daughter you have a purpose.  You need to find that purpose, embrace it and enjoy it.

Having a positive outlook or hoping for good outcomes won't prevent days when the fish won’t strike—but you smile and appreciate the 'opposition' and be better for it.  Appreciate the 'wildlife and the other beauties' because your self-confidence and esteem is not determined by events you don’t control—it’s about how you participate in those events or disappointments and your attitude WHILE the fish aren’t striking—that’s what you control and that's what others see!

In dealing with people and relationships, you can't control their decisions nor do you control their perceptions.  Your attitude and approach to life is seen and felt by others.  You leave impressions with every interaction.  Since each impression you leave with a person is 'real' to them, the impact of that perception becomes a reality.  If that perception is negative, it is a weed in your garden that will need to be dealt with at some time. Choosing not to deal with the weed causes the weed to grow and impact the other good things going on in your garden!

Always approach every cast with passion and excitement—because the fish might choose to strike and when they don't, it's ok!  There's always next time!  

The best is yet to come!