Is there ever a time when a leader needs to just shut out others and do what they think is best?  Should a leader be concerned with the thoughts of their followers?  Or react to exactly how their subordinates think they should or respond in favor of their opinion?  Should the ‘leader’ be open to feedback?  Or in the case of overseeing very large groups, should they just use the dictatorial approach where followers receive commands and feedback is not welcomed or appreciated?

True leaders are those that care about the interests of those that follow and will adopt a vision that is bigger than themselves and something that benefits the whole or the bigger picture.  That’s why people willingly follow them because their intent is to help others and that intent is well understood.  People willingly follow true leaders.

When the true intent is to help or serve others, a leader is able to make mistakes or be misunderstood at times and able to work through those incidents without major fallout.  However, if the approach is one of fear and controlling, then they will lack the ability to recognize when to make adjustments or when to know that listening is needed and people will only follow because they think they have to.

So a leader will need to make decisions and they may not make everyone happy with that decision.  However, what’s important is the intent behind the decision and whether proper actions were taken to ensure some level of feedback and understanding from others was factored into the decision making process.

In summary, a leader will internalize a vision that benefits those they serve.  They will mean what they say, they will try to say what they mean, they will be misunderstood and, yet, they will be understanding and patient as misunderstandings are expressed.

Are you that kind of leader?

Your thoughts welcomed…