If you filled out your bracket in the ESPN College Basketball tournament, join my group called "GB Tennessee1" -  Nothing like a little friendly competition… and the prize you ask—well, bragging rights of course!  My goal is to at least beat my wife’s score! 

Tennessee has been great—best winter in 11 years for me!  Of course, everyone keeps telling me wait for the heat!  But I’ll gladly trade the 5 months of winter for 2 months of hot/humid.  Actually reminds me a little like Bangalore weather.   Commuting back and forth is ½ way over—another 3 months or so and the family will be relocating.  It is hard being away from the family so much—but we are almost there!

And speaking of NASCAR (my new sport that I’m trying to learn), Denny Hamlin won first place in a race!  No, I didn’t watch it—working up to that, but did read about it!  And since he is the driver for the FedEx sponsored car, it made it even more fun talking about it around the office!  I did learn that we rotate the label on the car between FedEx Office, Ground, Freight and Express.  When he won that race, the car was ‘sporting’ the FedEx Office label!

The wedding plans continue as my son and his fiancé, Karlee, prepare for their wedding in Mesa, Arizona.  She has family in Mesa/Phoenix area and it sounds like that’s a place they might look into living in the future.  Anyone know of any companies looking for a bright young man that has an advertising, communications background located in Phoenix area?  We would love to hear about it!!  Of course, it would be hard for them to live Utah as he has a great job there that he likes.

I went to a 2 day training session for management.  In day 2 I was introduced to an incredible 84 year ‘young’ man named Luis Martin.  Excellent message as he ‘vigorously’ shared his view on the importance of individuals and how you treat them.  He is in the category of the Zig Ziglars and Ed Foreman’s that inspire you to want to be a better person.  It was a nice refresher in reminding me that life is about relationships and serving other people.  One quote he gave from a song George Burns sang:   “Loving things and using people only leads to misery…  Loving people and using things is the way it ought to be”…  More on that topic in the Family Blog

We also had a good discussion on team work.  The theme was the importance of each individual and their contributions to the team.  How a team is made of individuals with unique contributions.  But it made me think about the role of the leader and are there ever times when a leader shouldn’t listen or be open to feedback?  That discussion is on the Leadership Blog .

The house building is on target for June as the exterior is almost complete—brick all around.  We are preparing to put our Idaho house on the market.  Overwhelming how many ‘little’ things need to be done.  It makes me want to take a nap when my wife reviews the list with me.  Of course, then I hear about the overages on the Tennessee house and it perks me right up!

Work at FedEx is still terrific.  I made the rounds to some of the other sites during this past month:  Dallas, Harrison (Ark) & Pittsburgh.  With every company I’ve been to, the one thing that is common—people are great.  I continue to get to know more great people every day!

This month’s book I started on was ‘My American Journey, Colin Powell’.  I have always admired his leadership style and am enjoying getting to know his background and what made him the person he is today.  Interesting to understand the correlation between our youth and what ou become as an adult. 

Well, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life!  Take care…

 Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!