I hope you enjoyed your Easter and Spring Break…  and filed your taxes!  Maybe that’s why the gov’t set up April as a time for taxes… because ‘death and taxes’ seem to be inevitable and Easter brings the message of new life!  Ok.. a stretch.. on with the status..

We are in Utah to participate in the graduation ceremonies of our daughter Courtney and her husband Calvin.  They are both graduating from BYU!  2 kids down… 5 to go!!  Calvin got a job offer from Seibel and they will be heading to N Carolina…  not too far away from Tennessee!!  Courtney has an interview with a company in New York… a job that she can do remotely.. hopefully it works out. 

The count down continues for the wedding plans as my son, Jeff, and his fiancé, Karlee, prepare for the big day.  I had dinner with them during one of my layovers in Salt Lake.  It was fun to be with them and reflect back on those days of excitement, uncertainty, change, bliss, financial mountains to climb (still climbing) and all the decisions.  Well, it’s a good thing he is marrying up so he has someone to make all those decisions for him, and yet, make him think he really made them—key to a successful marriage!  (At least that’s what my wife told me!)

Family Blog this month is sharing with you my research from the past 10 or so Easters—an experiment in trying to teach my children not to covet what others have---to appreciate what they have…  very interesting and let’s just say, more work to do!

The house building continues… and it looks more like July rather than June…  hardwood floor just got finished downstairs—working on upstairs.  Cabinets should be arriving soon.  The pool digging starts this week!  And as for overages.. well, let’s just say that it’s good to have a plan… a budget…  a timeline… and a lot of erasers!! 

As for work at FedEx, I finished rounds in Florida this past month.  We have offices in Lakeland and Orlando.  It was 90 degrees!  The people are just great.  Amazing how many incredible people we have.  I’m really enjoying getting to know everyone.  Of course, it is frustrating learning everyone’s name… I find it is getting harder to remember names as well as I used to… it’s either a factor of commuting or maybe it’s a result of age…   I SAID, MAYBE THAT’S A RESULT OF AGE… J

Still working thru ‘My American Journey, Colin Powell’.  Enjoy seeing the experiences that led to the creation of his points of leadership.  There is a lot to be said for the military and what we has come from the many years of development of leadership, management, process, discipline, organization and bureaucracy. 

My ‘re’-learning for the month—when we allow our identity to get lost within what we are doing, we tend to lose the ability to receive feedback or improve as we will take feedback as a personal attack and react emotionally.  It’s important to be passionate about what we do and the contributions we make—but as individuals, what we do should not become the ‘who we are’…    

And the sports update… so now after March madness (and yes I picked Kentucky to win… and yes, my wife beat me by 10 points).. on to NBA playoffs… I haven’t watched any games… so don’t make any bets on my pick…  but I’m going with 2…  Lakers (because that was my boyhood team) and the Jazz won’t make it past the 2nd round!

Well, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life!  Take care…

Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!