Please tell me you remembered your mother on mother’s day!  It’s the one time you can be thankful for all the junk email you get from the various online flower vendors reminding you to do something!  And yes, I caved and sent flowers with a type written card—but I did make the phone call too!  And my condolences go out to those that may have lost their mother this past year.  I can only imagine how it feels as I still have both my parents.   On with the status..

Well, the big day happened as my son, Jeff, and his ‘former’ fiancé, Karlee, were married on May 12.  The wedding was held in Arizona at the Mesa Temple.  It was great and we are planning to have a reception in Eagle, Idaho on June 2.  And if by chance you didn’t get an invite and would like to attend, please feel free to reach out and I’ll send you the details.

After the wedding, Calvin & Courtney (our recent college grads) continued the trek to N Carolina for Calvin’s new job with Siemens.  They stopped into Memphis and spent a couple of days with Sharlene and I.   We attended the ‘Memphis in May’ barbecue festivities and I’m proud to report that I ate some ‘craw dads’.  I had to be shown exactly how to do it and it took me a few to get it right.  And yes, I even ‘sucked that juice’ after you pull off the head (guess that makes me a sourtherner)!  The barbecue was  held at a park right on the Mississippi River—beautiful setting and lots of people! 

The house building continues… still looking like July.. 3rd week is probably when we will actually move. Door trimmings and molding all going in now and painting is starting.  The pool was dug and poured—the tile is starting.  Sharlene came out again last week to work on stone selection for the fireplace and tile colors for the pool and a bunch of other decisions that I only hear about when overages occur.. which seems to happen at each phase.  I’m wondering what the house would look like if we just went with ‘the plan’? 

Our Eagle house finally made it on the market (Google 2626 E Margate, Eagle Idaho).  My wife is carrying the big load there as I’m gone all week.  So having the kids stay on ‘alert’ for a realtor visit is helping keep the house clean—we should have thought about this a lot sooner!!  These have been good years in Idaho—but on to a new adventure!

Finished the ‘My American Journey, Colin Powell and really enjoyed it.  I’m going to do my next leadership blog on decision making during a crisis.  Interesting how many aspects of daily life resemble the military.  Stay tuned…

Work at FedEx is going great—however, it’s keeping me so busy I haven’t had the time to keep up on  a lot of things… even the blogs…so I just crank out 1 a month.  The commuting is a little difficult as I’m away from the family way too much…Last week I just made it home in time to watch the 2nd half of my daughter's soccer game--and she scored 2 goals!  Only a couple of months more to go of commuting!   

My ‘re’-learning for the month—my son Parker finished his last day of high school. 4 down and 3 to go!  As we prepare for his graduation ceremonies I’m reminded again of the excitement you feel when a child leaves the nest… but then, you start to remember how cute they were when they were young and you get sad…you wish you can have those days back—spend more time with them, tears start to flow as you think your little baby is all grown up… So, the remedy for that heartache, tears and sadness… remember their teenage years and the pain all goes away!!  J 

And the sports update… Well, I was right about that Jazz… they’re out… and I’m hanging on by a thread… a mighty thin thread with the Lakers…  Thunder seems pretty tough…   but there is still hope… and whether they make it to the finals or not, life will still go on!  Th

Well, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life!  Take care…

Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!