“Team”…  just letting you know I’m still out there and here’s an update on what I’ve been doing ‘post-Supervalu’ and some current plans…

During the past couple of months its been great spending time with the family, the environment (code word for fishing), updating my website (www.gbronson.com) and kicking off a couple of Blogs. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a week in Hawaii..   some time in San Diego…  a week in Arizona…  a week at Newport Beach (we took the kids to that one) and Lake Powell… oh wait, Lake Powell was a fishing trip with my buddy…  and we have two more trips planned (family) at a Beach House in North Carolina and another trip to Newport Beach.   all good…  J

Our oldest graduated from college (1 down and 6 to go!) and is working in Salt Lake City.  The next one will graduate in December!

As for a job (something my wife does remind me about occasionally), in between vacations I have connected up with some recruiters and looked at a few opportunities.  But nothing as of yet.  I’m looking at some consulting opportunities as I continue to evaluate whether to stay in the consulting field or go back into Corp IT.  As for location, we do like Boise, Idaho but not sure I’m going to find the right fit—still a few opportunities out there.  But, still looking and we are open to relocate.  Some wise counsel from a dear friend said not to limit my locations…  so we’ll have to expand beyond Hawaii and San Diego (winters that I can handle)!

As I have explored various opportunities, it is very interesting to learn about all the different efforts going on with other companies.

I did set up my twitter account (@garybronson7) and got an introductory lesson from my son…   he is using it almost more than email… very interesting how the transition of technology occurs.  There is a lot of information starting to flow through twitter.   It reminded me of training people on email when it was first becoming popular within a company.  This was before we even thought of the need to communicate outside of your own company..  and many back then would push back because they felt they could just call someone if they needed to talk to them…   wow, have times changed!

I’m also writing a manual that focuses on ‘Service’ from an IT perspective.  I figured I’d document, for myself at least, the steps I go through when I go into a new situation.  Building the org, stabilizing the environment, improving processes, daily, weekly, monthly routines, etc…  

I also got caught up on some of the functionality of Excel 2010..  wow..  simplified a number of things we used to have to build scripts/macros for..   that is about as technical as I’m going…  I must admit I was tempted to try out all the new programming tools… but I’ll leave that to all the developers.. I’m a manager/consultant/coach and truly have left my technical background behind…   so now, just an Office productivity guru who knows who to call to get something done!

I have been able to catch up with a few of you and my apologies if you’ve reached out and I haven’t connected up…  

Hope all is well with you and I’ll plan to give you another update next month! 

Have a great month…  The Best is yet to come!!