We finally made it into the house!  After almost 2 months in the 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment it was a very exciting event to finally move in to our new home-in spite of the fact that we have boxes and things all over the place.  It’s going to take us a bit to settle in and get all the rooms cleaned up and organized, but at least the entry way is clear!  (And I finally posted a couple of pictures:  http://www.gbronson.com/pictures.html)

I did apply some learnings from building our last home—rather than trickle in landscaping over the years, it’s best to just do it all at once… and rather than do that landscaping and build a pool a year later—the pool also went in at the same time. 

As to the interior, Sharlene is so good to review things with me and make me feel like I’m part of the decision making process J!  She did a very nice job and got plenty of compliments from the builder.  But I did get to write the checks!

During the time in the apartment, we also had our 2 college kids (Kristen & Parker) come to visit… oh, and did I mention Maggie the dog was with us in the apartment too!  It was like camping… I highly recommend it to test the ‘love and closeness’ that exists in your family!

The kids started school Aug 6!  So much for our August vacation at the beach!  The schedule is taking a bit to get used to as Kellie starts seminary (scripture study program) at 5:45am!  And no, there wasn’t much of a discussion… I drive the carpool every other week! 

Kellie is adjusting well and is now a member of the Houston High School Choir… she had to try out and we are so glad she did so well!  

Marcus went on his first scout outing and continues to draw incredible cartoons… and yes, adjusting to a new middle school that starts at 7am…has to be at the bus stop at 6:30am!

Hailey has a neighbor girl her same age and goes to her same school.  She’s also adjusting well—although all the kids miss Idaho and their friends… as do Sharlene and I.

However, we are enjoying the beautiful green during summer.  Trees everywhere and the humidity, although high at times, still is not bad.  Of course, I haven’t had to do yard work yet in it—the test comes soon!

Here’s an fyi for you:  The final week prior to closing on our house I had to cancel a business trip and stay home and rectify an interesting situation.  Someone that had access to my bank account information manipulated a withdrawal.  Needless to say it was rectified after a weekend of anxiety.  The bank was not able to track down the culprit as of yet.  Process improvement:  I no longer will give wiring instructions for real estate transactions.  My go forward solution… I now request them to ‘FedEx’ the check to me! 

The bank could have prevented the situation by following their policy… the request to transfer funds came as a fax with my signature.  They are to call and verify.. they called my old home number… no answer… and wired anyway.  2nd opportunity was to realize that the request for funds should have been routing to an escrow account since it was ‘supposedly’ a real estate transaction… but the fax instructions were to another personal account.   Again, all rectified but painful!

Work continues to go well.  We just announced that we are looking to offer a retirement incentive during the coming months.  With my ‘almost 9 months’ with the company, I don’t think I’ll qualify! 

I’m really enjoying this opportunity to work for FedEx.  The staff is terrific and I’m enjoying the challenge of getting to know everyone.   I had two of my directors recently retire—one had 32 years with the company!   They were icons!  However, life has a way of providing opportunities for others to step up! 

We just had our 2nd employee meeting broadcast from Memphis.  Most of the staff is in Memphis, but I have a number of staff in Pittsburgh, Colorado Springs, Harrison (Ark), Lakeland & Orlando (Fla) and Dallas.

I just got my first email from Fred Smith, our CEO.  It was short and brief, thanking me for demonstrating leadership and creativity.  It did make me jump a bit when I saw it—had no idea what it was until I read it. 

Summer is in the books and now comes football season!  I’m thinking USC goes #1… Boise state has a rebuilding year--but a good one!  Alabama takes the SEC, Broncos will do well with Peyton,  Steelers will be tough, Vikings will be like Minnesota winters and Tennessee Titans… well, let’s just say Go Titans!

And my family blog this month was prompted by a discussion with the kids when one responded on treating everyone ‘the same’:  “Geez, if we treated our friends like our siblings, we wouldn’t have any friends”!   Blog:  Family

Hope all is well with you and that you have a great month!

Well, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life!  Take care…

Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!