“Team” – Well summer is officially in the books at our house as the kids are back in school!  I can already fill the chill in the early morning reminding me that our pool time is quickly diminishing!  I can’t wait for winter... NOT!  Let’s hope fall lasts a long time!!

For our labor-day celebration we had family and friends spend the weekend with us as we enjoyed barbecues, swimming and college football!  Every room in the house was occupied!  We were only missing 1 of our daughters who had to work.  In the swimming pool, the ‘boys’ were working on their flips and crazy dives—I chose not to compete as I didn’t want to make them feel bad.  And how about those Boise St Broncos!!!  What a game!

My son Marcus earned his First Class rank in scouts while Parker is all finished with his Eagle and awaiting the board of review!  I'm working to make Eagle Scout a family tradition as I earned it as well as my oldest, Jeff.   

I had to get one more little excursion in so I took a trip to Eastern Idaho and did some fly fishing!   Idaho has some beautiful country.  The fishing was great—so was the wild life!  I saw a moose walking around in the river.  If you haven’t seen a moose they are not like Bullwinkle in the cartoon—they can be very mean and you don’t want to get close.  As for the fish, I caught a bunch of rainbows, browns and some white fish.  15-20 inches—the rainbows are fun to catch because they usually jump out of the water a few times...  and the large browns would take a while to bring in, too.  (All were safely returned to the water!)

Blog Updates on the web site (gbronson.com) and I did change some pictures.  I posted the most recent picture of the entire family with my son-in-law—it was at the wedding last year.  I also posted a picture from this week’s fishing trip!  :

The leadership blog—the focus was on measuring the success of a leader.   The thought came from a series of discussions lately and so I really spent some time trying to reflect on how do you measure the success of a leader and would that definition apply in every situation?  Would love your feedback.

IT Management--Introduction of a new service.  So often we talk about new technology and it seems we tend to approach each in a unique way.  I stepped back and used the example of the introduction of email (which really wasn’t that long ago) and extracted a process that you can use.  Let me know what you think!

Consulting – Focus here was on business value and how to communicate it.  I chose to use the retail example of a can of beans.  I made a single slide that says why you need to understand this principle as a first step to understand ITIL or ITSM.  You can use similar logic for any industry—but it is important to take the time to articulate this message in a single slide-let me know if you think this does the trick!

Family -- Someone asked me how I maintain a positive attitude.  So I wrote something using a metaphor that is near and dear to my heart:  "Life is a lot like fishing-- You are just not going to catch a fish with every cast... Always approach every cast with passion and excitement—because the fish might choose to strike and when they don't, it's ok!  There's always next time!"  Read the rest on the Family blog tab.   

On the job front, I’m in final stages with a few opportunities.  One in Idaho and the others would require a move out of the state.   There is one with a fortune 100 company – they were down to 5 candidates last week and now there are just 2 of us.  I have another trip next week to determine who gets that job.  I’m looking forward to getting back to work in the corporate IT environment.  I enjoy the prospects of consulting but I miss the connection with staff and others.  Again, we will see-stay tuned!

The book...  is now books...  I split off a second book that focuses on team building.  I found myself going that way anyway and it is much cleaner and keeps the IT management side more focused on the management of IT with structure, process, procedures, metrics, etc...  And the team building will focus more on the behind the scenes of how to get a group of people working as a team—from a coach’s perspective.  Thank you for your feedback as it was very helpful.  No dates---just on-going efforts, but they will be completed someday.

Hope all is well with you!! 

Have a great month…  The Best is yet to come!!