Wow time flies…  Seems I’ve turned my monthly status to a ‘quarterly’ status…   and my daily tweets went to weekly.. and almost monthly!   But we are doing fine and making progress!  So here’s a few things to bring you up to date…

We are settling in this great state of Tennessee.  I’m learning how to talk southern and everything!  The food is great… however, staying true to my goals, I’ve lost 85 pounds!  But I’ve gained 83… of course those 83 are a different 83!!  All good!

We are looking forward to having some of our kids back here for Thanksgiving.  They will all be out here for Christmas, but just Parker, Courtney and Calvin will be here for Thanksgiving.  And we are going to actually go flyfishing for the first time.. in Northern Arkansas for a day trip during Thanksgiving break—can’t wait! 

The children are well into school and although they still miss Idaho, they are making the transition very nicely.  Kellie, the 15 year old, has learned that boys out here are just as good looking as the boys in Idaho… and Justin Bieber gets just as much news coverage out here—so life is good for her!

So, having worked for a telco in my past, I’m confessing that we still haven’t got a land line… just using our mobile phones… and rather than add a land line, we just gave Marcus a cell phone.. yes, 13 years old.. the youngest age… but it seemed like a better idea than the land line…  I can’t break down and get Hailey one.. she’ll have to wait until middle school!

Our 3rd child, Kristen got engaged and is scheduled to be married in February in Bountiful, Utah.  Nice young man that grew up in the SLC area.

Halloween came and went and this year instead of counting candy, the kids weighed it… 15 pounds of candy… amazing… what’s more amazing is that most of it is gone already!

I’m not even going to discuss the election… needless to say, my wife couldn’t talk to anyone for 24 hours…  what I find so amazing is how some people see things one way and how other people see things so differently.  And yet both feel so right.  The part that I find disturbing is when those different opinions turn to personal attacks, cruel behavior and dishonest actions.  I don’t expect everyone think the same—but I do expect mutual respect.  And that is a ‘utopian’ view because we have too many people that just look for a fight…  I’m thankful for those public servants that truly work so hard trying to serve their country and the citizens that live in it!

And not that I want to bring up bad memories… but I just had my first over 50 procedure!  Let’s just say that all the terrible stories about the ‘prep’ work of drinking a gallon of ugly sauce is all true!  That stuff was nasty and even worse was what it did to my body and how I was limited to a proximity of 20 feet from the bathroom!

Work at FedEx is going great.  I really enjoy the challenges, the culture and the people.  We are keeping very busy and I just returned from a trip to visit our Warsaw, Poland and Brussels, Belgium operations.  It was great to meet people in that part of the world.  Hard workers, very kind and very hospitable.  Amazing the challenges the country of Poland lived through during the world wars.  Very impressive how they have rebuilt Warsaw.  Our international business continues to grow.  

And those Boise St Broncos…. Although we live in the SEC, was still holding on to those Broncos… but how painful it’s been to watch them lose 2 games… and one was because of specialty teams… in fact out of 5 losses over the past 4 years was directly related to specialty teams… just goes to show you, you need to always focus on all aspects of your game.. not just the parts you are good at!  So, they’ll probably play in some bowl game that doesn’t get them the opportunity to regain their place in history!

And my love for trees…  nothing prettier.. however, the work of having trees in our backyard is now all about raking leaves…  every week we have 10-12 bags of leaves…  the kids get so frustrated that we pick up so many and by the next Saturday, there’s even more!!  So this week we are giving them the day off and we are just going to mow them up!

Well… hope all is well with you and I’ll be updating my Family blog, leadership blog and IT management blog in the coming month!

Have a great Thanksgiving… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!