“Team”…  Happy Friday!!  Summer is finally here (although we did get a thunderstorm that came through yesterday)!!

Vacation recommendation:  NORTH CAROLINA – Topsail Island!!  For all of us that grew up going to So Cal beaches, you get used to the chill that comes with entering the water.  After a while you get a little numb and get ‘used to it’.  Then you go up the coast and people in No Cal and Oregon seem to brag about the cold water.  Well, at the beach house in Topsail Island-it was warmer than my pool at home! 

The 4th of July… I hope you enjoyed the holiday!! (Growing up in the US, you just think everyone celebrates the 4th of July—but it’s just US and England.  The US celebrates liberty and freedom from England and England celebrates getting rid of the USJ)!!  We had our annual barbecue, swim party and fireworks.  Lots of people and I was so glad another swim party occurred without any injuries!!  (That’s how a homeowner thinks when you have 50 people running around and in the pool).  The whole neighborhood joined in the cul-de-sac for the fireworks.  We seemed to have more fireworks than the local city park!  

My daughter and her husband are spending the summer in N Carolina.  That’s why we were able to go to North Carolina—his parents invited us to spend a week with them at their beach house (Great people!)  I can actually quantify the happiness and joy of the vacation:  I gained 7 pounds during the week!  (I did lose it when I got home—but it took a few days!)  My new favorite breakfast place is the waffle house!!  And I love the shakes at a place called Camp Out.  We also went to the NASCAR track and got to ride around the track.  They stopped on one of the banked turns—I thought the van was going to tip over!  

Next trip… back to Newport Beach in So Cal and I hope I can stand the freezing cold water! J

As for job search, we are evaluating a couple of positions that will take me to the South.  Still early in the process, but they look very interesting.  I’m also looking into some consulting work that will keep me here in Boise.  I did promise my wife I’ll be working before the end of summer.  I still have so much to do!!  I keep trying to tell her that exercising, planning vacations & fishing trips, playing with the kids, swim parties and barbecues is a full time job--she quickly reminds me I don't get paid for that 'full-time job'.  :-) 

I agreed to do a Process training/Team Building session for a company in the Boise valley.  I really enjoy doing these and look forward to it.  For those who know me well, I love spreadsheets—and I’ve been ‘maturing’ my simulation tool.  It is doing some things that most don’t realize that excel is capable of doing!!  This thing now is world class!!  It will be fun using it in the simulation as it now has sounds, changes with dependencies on other changes, random outages, various times with revenue doubling, etc…!!

The book continues… started as a manual, but has quickly turned into a book.  I was very appreciative of some input and volunteers for on-going reviews.  I’ll continue to put excerpts out on the blog to get feedback and refinement!  It may take me longer, but I’m really enjoying documenting the approach I use when I come into a new company.  It’s been really fun reflecting on some of the experiences and all the great people I have had the privilege of associating with in my previous roles.

So, I need to also get some fly-fishing in soon!  The water has been very high still so it should drop soon and I can’t wait!!

Hope all is well with you and I’ll plan to give you another update next month! 

Have a great month…  The Best is yet to come!!


Cliff Breen
07/09/2011 03:49

Hi Gary.. reading about your wife telling you it was time to get back to work made me laugh. I thought back to last fall when I was let go. I was very fortunate to get my job at Zions in just 6 weeks. Although Deanna was worried during that time.. when I got my offer here's what she said to me "That was too easy. You didn't suffer enough." How do you respond to that !!!

12/01/2016 23:24

thanks for the post


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