I had a number of thoughts for my monthly update but definitely the news of Steve Jobs passing has caused a lot of emotions and discussions.  So I thought I would share a few of my own thoughts on Steve Jobs—so I rolled that into my IT Leadership blog.  Thoughts welcomed!

One thing I will call out here as a reminder to us all to not jump to conclusions.  When Steve stepped down suddenly there seemed to be a number of writers that quickly assumed that he stepped down because he was trying to avoid the disappointment of the IPhone 5 not ready for release—and that he wanted to leave without that on his record.  I read those and thought how those assumptions were just wrong because that’s not how he did things.  And they were wrong as we now all know. (Those writers should quickly respond with apologies).  Again, don’t ever assume you know the reasons why someone does something.

Steve made some very good comments regarding priorities and life and that it is so short that you shouldn’t get hung up on what other people say or do-but follow your own dreams.  Nothing that we haven’t all heard, but whenever you have someone that has made such an impact on the business community, people that worked for him, family and is recognized globally-it is good to hear them talk about their true priorities and share their feelings on what is important in life. 

It made me think about how often people wrap their self-confidence/image around a role or a job or a status and then when things change they allow themselves to lose confidence.  Read the Family blog for more on this topic.  Bottom line is that you should seek out for joy in your life, cherish relationships and realize that joy and happiness comes from sharing your life with others.

My fly fishing update-I ventured out to the Owyhee River, just across the border on the Oregon side.  It was just a day trip but once again, I was able to catch a lot of fish-all brown trout.  2 of them were the biggest brown trout I had ever caught.  For those familiar with browns, one of them was so large (here’s where you ask “How large was it”) that I was able to put my entire hand into his mouth to release the fly that had caught on his tongue.  I was by myself and unable to get a picture of the big ones but I did get a picture of one of the smaller ones... still good size at 15 inches!  It’s not easy pulling out an IPhone and trying to take a good picture while you have a fish and fly rod in the other hand and standing in the middle of a river.  I highly recommend a day of fly fishing to plan out strategy and clear your head! 

Football season is well under way—can you believe those Lions?  I’m still a Titan fan and enjoying the Boise State Broncos!  Baseball playoffs-I have only been watching the highlights-but I’m sure there are still a few Yankee fans out there still hoping that somehow they will be able to win.  That’s a true fan-even though they lost they still hope they will get invited to the World Series!  It’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top—here’s my prediction:  The team that wins the most games in each series will win!

On the job front, I ‘was’ chasing a specific role in a fortune 50 company these past 4 months.  Although it meant a move it was a great opportunity.  It was tough as other opportunities would come but I was holding out.  As an example, recently there was a local opportunity, but they wanted a long term commitment.  I told them that I’m a 3-4 weeks away from finding out about this other job and if it came through, I would have to take it.  I would have felt bad if I didn’t say anything, took it, and then quit in a month.  They went with another candidate and a few days later I found out that I was in the top 5 for the fortune 50 job.

So, I figured I went this far chasing this great opportunity that I might as well stick it out until the end.  (That’s when I fit in 2 fishing trips).  However, I ended up in 2nd place.  Although disappointed, it was a positive experience to get to know another company, new people and make some good connections.  The last two interviews were panels.  They brought 5 of us in and you met with 4 people.  Then they invited 2 of us back for a final round 2 weeks later. 

The final interview was in front of a panel of about 8-9 people.  3 of which were from the prior session-All Sr Executives.  Those interviews lasted about 2 hrs.  They have you start with your background and then come the variety of questions.  They were good to make you feel comfortable.  The feedback they gave me was that I interviewed well and they were confident I could do the job and gave me the edge on leadership, management strength and cultural fit.  However, they felt the other candidate’s current company was quite similar to their environment and that was also important to them.  They apologized for taking extra time to make the final decision and said it could have gone either way.  (I know that was supposed to make me feel better—but I was still disappointed and took my 8 hours to get over it)! 

And so, the best is yet to come!  So, it’s all about timing—within an hour of hearing that news, I was contacted by someone regarding a specific consulting arrangement.  So I’m just finalizing the details on this next engagement.  It has a retail focus and right in line with my background.  Although we are framing it into a short term deal there are some options for longer term.  I’m really enjoying getting to know new people.  In fact, the chairman of this particular company knew Pam Knous very well back in her Vons days, (the former CFO of Supervalu) small world!

The book writing continues...  I enjoy writing about teamwork.  The IT process and approach is also fun but that moved down in the priority-so I’m spending more time on the teamwork book.  I’ve been blessed to have worked with so many great people and have a number of great experiences.  Difficult to put all that in writing-but enjoying the process!

And yes, the weather has changed!  So we have booked our Thanksgiving vacation—FLORIDA!!  My folks and sister live there-so that’s really why we are going.  Not that it has anything to do with the cold weather during Thanksgiving!  And since we are going to be gone for Thanksgiving, we are heading down this weekend to Salt Lake City to meet with our college kids that are working and going to school and will not be with us in Florida.

Hope all is well with you!! 

Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!



Jason Angell
10/07/2011 08:08

Yeah sure you couldn't get the camera out - that's what all of us fisherman say!!

09/18/2017 18:37

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04/26/2016 16:06

This is really a well written article about Steve Jobs and the way you express your views are so good to know. There ares so many people who know the importance of what he did in his life. Thanks for having such views about his work and about his priorities.


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