I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday!  We certainly did-in Florida with almost 80 degree weather!  For those of us who live in ‘4 season country’ going to the beach during Thanksgiving seems unreal.  However, we didn’t let the warm weather stop our ‘feasting’ and ‘eggnoging’-so much so that I think I gained 5 pounds in a week!  But let’s not go there...  When we flew back to Idaho from Florida we were in our sandals and arrived late at night in 30 degree weather-it was a ‘jolt’ to say the least. 

I also enjoyed celebrating my 50th birthday.  And for those who have already crossed this milestone:  I SAID, I ENJOYED MY 50th BIRTHDAY. J  Amazing how I don’t feel old but my kids were pretty blown away as they realized I just transitioned out of my 40s into a new decade!  One of my gifts was a T-Shirt that said “D.A.D.D” (Dad’s against Daughters Dating—my girls weren’t as excited as I was!)

And now it’s December!  Christmas is just a few weeks away!   So, Merry  Christmas!!  (And for those that don’t celebrate Christmas-I hope you enjoy the season!)  Our Christmas lights and tree are up!  It seems that most people are in a better mood during this time of year—I wonder if it’s because it’s the only time of the year that Eggnog is for sale (at least that does it for me!).  I’m also looking forward to our kids that are ‘all grown up’ coming to join us for a week at a cabin-our Idaho family tradition.

And as college football season comes to ‘bowl season’ it was rather frustrating to see Virginia Tech and Michigan leap frog so many teams to get put in a BCS bowl game!  I must say that I was rather disappointed as you listen to ESPN try and justify the decision making process.  Virginia Tech just got blown out on national TV in their conference title game—and they go to a BCS game?  Let’s just say Boise St, Kansas St and some others were more deserving.  Well, next year!

How do you teach your children that it is better to give than receive?  Check out my Family Blog for the month!

On my Leadership Blog, I drew from Colin Powell’s perspective on leadership.  Everyone has their own approach, but studying how others became successful is educational.  However, as you continue to learn from others, don’t lose your individual uniqueness! 

This month I wrote up another non-technical white paper on Retail IT:  How important is a phone?  Check it out on my  IT Management blog.  I’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback/input/criticism on the article!

As for consulting, it’s been another fun month as I finish up on Retail Telephony.  The best part of working with companies is getting to know the management team and what makes them successful.  Vertical Communications, Inc is a medium sized company and very responsive to their customers.  So that’s the trick for every big company, continue to grow-but don’t lose sight of your dedication to customer service!

So the summary of my ‘consulting’ learning’s from this past month—in order to ‘stay ahead’ you need a process to ‘try’ some new things or different things.  A process that is nimble, flexible and helps you quickly identify the value/benefit to whatever it is you are ‘trying’.  From an IT perspective, this is why business groups can get frustrated with IT-when they have an idea that appears to be of benefit to them, it takes too long to flush out the reality.  You need to design a way to validate the assumptions while not taking on the whole project.  Bite a piece off and if it tastes bad spit it out and move on.  But if it tastes good, then pour another glass of Eggnog and have another bite!

As for my consulting, I’m going to shift gears back into the corporate IT world.  If you recall, I shared with you that company where I ended up 2nd place.  And as it turns out, they called me back.  And during the past few weeks, my wife and I visited the area, they made me an offer, I accepted the offer, passed the drug test, and now we await board approval.  So, we are planning to finish the school year in Idaho and then June we are planning to move the family to Tennessee (yes, where the Titans play) as I go to work for FedEx.  The position is VP IT Operations.   I will share more about the role next month.

And yes, I was surprised to get the call back.  I was actually well down the road with a few other opportunities after working through the disappointment of getting 2nd place.   It just goes to show that life will always provide you opportunities.  The question for us is:  Are we prepared?  I’ll leave you with a favorite quote from Charles DuBois:  “The important thing is this:  To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”

Hope all is well with you!!  Enjoy Christmas and the Holiday Season!!

Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!



Robert Sheffield
12/06/2011 16:33

Hey Gary, Congratulations! I was just back there for the Ole Miss/BYU Football game. I even played golf right next door to the Fedex Corporate HQ. I play tennis twice a week with a guy who grew up there (Memphis). Let me know if you want to talk to him. He knows quite a few people there.

Glen Worthington
12/07/2011 06:09

Congratulations on the FedEx job! Sounds like a great new chapter is coming for you and your family. Have a Merry Christmas and take care.


12/07/2011 06:45

Linda and I are so excited for you and your family to have this opportunity to be part of the FedEX team! They got the best man - even if it took a couple of extra interviews. Maybe Boise St. and Kansas St. will have a chance for the BCS bowls since they were not chosen the first time, and like you, should have been.


Debbie Slavin
12/07/2011 07:03

Gary -

Congratulations on your upcoming adventure!

Paula McEvers
12/07/2011 08:07

I jus want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new position. Tennessee is a big change!

Also, thought I would let you know I am officially retiring from SVU at the end of the calendar year.

Serina Koshy
12/07/2011 21:46

CONGRATULATIONS on your new position. You were great when you were with us. You will be great with FedEX too.


Christian Dahlstrom
12/12/2011 05:40

Congratulations on your position with FedEx. I've heard they are a good company. I hope you enjoy!

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