Happy New Year!!  Can you believe it’s 2012??  Time flew by in 2011—I wonder if it was because of all the vacations and fishing trips? 

We had a great Christmas holiday and I hope you did, too!  What made ours great is that the whole family was together—yes, all our 7 kids and our son-in-law.  The Christmas lights on the house and setting up the tree were my main jobs-both of which were completed on time, within budget and looking good!  I have been trying to push for an artificial tree for years—but the ‘boss’ likes the smell of a real tree.  I told her I could just get a couple of real branches and shove them in the middle of an artificial tree each year but she just gives me that look—which means stop asking.. I’ll ask again next month because that’s the best time to buy them!

We spent a week in Tamarak (ski resort within a couple of hours from us) at a cabin.  We ate and drank eggnog, went skiing, ate and drank eggnog, played games, ate and drank eggnog, watched bowl games, ate and drank eggnog, took naps, ate and drank eggnog, went ice skating, ate and drank eggnog, built our traditional snowman, ate and drank eggnog, had a snow ball fight, ate and drank eggnog, and took a family picture.  Oh, and did I say we ate and drank eggnog?  Basically I gained about 10 pounds during the holiday-no worries though, I’m back down 7 pounds.. 3 more to go!  And now, no more eggnog for another year! 

So our big move is scheduled for June/July to Tennessee.  We will miss Idaho-it's a beautiful place to live and terrific people.  And it is difficult commuting-being away from the family during the week and on some weekends.  But we can last for 6 months as it is much better to have the kids finish the school year.  Our oldest at home will graduate from high school and will be off to college.  And no, the house isn’t for sale until around April!  But, if you are interested, I’m willing to take early deposits!

We have been house hunting and we get a lot of interesting looks when we say we are looking for 5 bedrooms (have to have a guest room so when you come to visit!).  They always ask how many kids and we tell them we will be down to 3 at home after next summer—which seems to us like we are almost empty nesters!!  But then we get told that 3 is a lot.  Sharlene has made a couple of trips and we figure we will make a decision on housing soon.  Will keep you posted.

The new job is going great—well, at least for me.  I know I’m not contributing much as I’ve got so much to ramp up on.  But the people are great and the organization is as impressive as we all imagined FedEx to be!  There is an impressive complex for the IT group.  Let's just say I meet a lot of new people by asking directions to all my meetings! 

During the holidays I did get a number of emails with links to that video where the FedEx delivery guy threw a big screen over a fence.  Let’s just say that’s not the FedEx way and management jumped all over that and bought the customer a new one that day and appropriately disciplined the driver.  I love how customer service is taken so seriously in this environment.  You can ‘feel’ it everywhere you go and in every meeting.  My kind of environment!

I finished reading the book on Steve Jobs.  It was a great read and I highly recommend if you are interested in leadership.  I'm planning to write my summary up in my leadership blog-but briefly it opens you up to the human side of Steve as well as his leadership style.  I continue to feel that a servant/service based leadership style is best-you will learn that Steve had a different approach... more to come.  My next book... "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly.

Since I went back to work in the Corporate world, my time is limited… So I’ll be updating my other blogs when I get a chance throughout the next week or so.  I’ll continue to do my status the first of the month and then the others throughout the month as time permits!

Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!



Patti Knox
01/10/2012 11:09

Gary! Belated congratulations to you on your new adventure. Also, after reading your December blog entry I may never need to consume eggnog again. :)

Best to you! Patti

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