It’s amazing to think that Valentine’s day is next week!!  And surprisingly enough, I’m proud to report that I have had dinner reservations for that special day since two weeks ago!!  And better yet, we did get our Christmas lights down and boxes back up in the attic!  Still haven’t bought that artificial Christmas tree-but it sure seems that now is the time to buy one!   

So did you watch the Superbowl?  I really enjoyed it and I was pulling for the Giants.  Since then, it’s amazing all the stuff you hear about the game.  So here’s the simple question that should have a simple answer:  Why did the Giants win?  Answer:  They had more points when the clock ran out!  But instead, analysts and fans will talk about this for hours, days and weeks to come.  They’ll talk about why the Patriots should have one or some other team.  In the end, it’s a game that was played and the team with the most points won!  Does that mean they were the ‘best team’—well, it means they had the most points at the end of the game and they walk away with the trophy—well deserved!  Next year:  TITANS!

I’m really starting to adapt to the Tennessee culture.  For example, I’m learning to say “y’all” with only one syllable.  And I’m learning more about NASCAR really being a sport.  And so many people are getting me acquainted with the fly fishing spots within a few hours of the office (Northern Arkansas).  And something else I picked up on is the term ‘bless his/her heart’.  When you hear that phrase, listen closely for what comes next!!

Some exciting things happened this past month!  First off, my oldest son got engaged to a wonderful young lady named Karlee Hill.  She was raised in Eastern Idaho.  They’re such a great couple and we are so excited to add another person to the family.  I do have to be careful when I announce to people that we are expecting a new addition to the family—people get the wrong idea and think we are going from 7 to 8 kids—those days are past!  So, this is the easier way to ‘grow the family’!  Their wedding has been scheduled for May—(yes, this year) in Mesa, Arizona.   They put together a video that brought me to tears.  

We also decided on a house—we ended up buying a spec home in Collierville (same city where the World Tech Center is) that just had the foundation poured.  Our timing is perfect because whatever changes ‘we’ decide to make, the square footage will remain the same!  I’m especially excited because it is 3.8 miles from the office, less than a mile to the high school and then another ½ mile down the road to middle school.   The house is scheduled to be finished end of May/June just in time for the family to move in!  So until then, apartment!

The builder was also nice enough to let me start in on a pool so it can be ready when we move in.  When the kids move to Memphis it will be right at the hottest part of summer.  So we can’t leave a pool in Idaho and not have one in Tennessee!   So I’m trying to line up the pool builder and get them started quickly!

And just so I can continue to watch Boise St Football up close, the University of Memphis is also going to join the Big East.  No, I didn’t have anything to do with that decision—but I’m happy about it!

Work at FedEx is terrific.  It’s a great company and I’m enjoying every day!  Outside of me forgetting everyone’s name, things are going pretty well.  The people are incredible and are so welcoming.  There is a true commitment to the employees and it shows everyone I look.   Working to strengthen work/life balance and giving back to the community are true priorities that are quite evident.

I just toured our World Class Data Center in Colorado Springs.  Excellent layout and some great environmental planning went into this facility.  There is an incredible discipline around the standardization at the facility and the utilization of modern technology relating to private clouds.  The primary sites where I’ll be visiting on a regular basis are Colorado Springs, Pittsburgh, Harrison (Arkansas), Orlando and Dallas.   As you know, FedEx has operations all over the world, but for now my focus is getting ramped up in those areas where most of the staff is located.

I did finish the book "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly.  It was very informative about the last few weeks of Abe Lincoln’s life.   It’s amazing to think how strong the prejudice of some men drove them to the assassination of a great president.  His entire term in office was encompassed by the civil war and as the war concluded, his attitude was to immediately embrace the people of the south and put the past behind us.  Great read.

As for my own book, I put it on the shelf for now as I continue to do ‘more first-hand research’!  However, I am reading another book that expresses some similar points regarding team work.  It is called ‘Winning Cultures’.  The authors zero in on the importance of culture and what to do to make it better.  So often we lose site of the ‘little things’ that are so critical in establishing relationships and building trust.  They do a good job in highlighting some specifics.

This month’s IT Management blog is about whether we need new processes/tools/org structure to manage the new private/public cloud environment. 

Well, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life!  Take care and  Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!



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