If you’ve noticed my status comes later in the month it’s because life has been very busy!   So here’s the updates…

Father's day... always good to talk to my dad.  I can never thank him enough for the lessons of life, the example, the hard work and 'coaching' received over the years.  I hope I'm able to help my kids as much as my dad helped me.

We had Jeff’s wedding reception at our house June 2… it was great to see friends and family.  Knowing we are moving soon, it made things really special as we were able to visit with people we hadn’t seen for a long time.  And Jeff and Karlee are doing great… asking all the right questions and doing all the right things as they begin their life together… and you’d be proud of me… I’m ‘trying’ to hold my opinions to myself…

And speaking of guests I hadn’t seen for years, a great friend from high school that I’ve continued to stay in touch with showed up with his wife out of the blue!  Great to see them and reminisce about old times… of course, he, nor I, will share the story of the time I fell asleep on a motorcycle…

Then it was off to take Parker to college… he started summer term at BYU-Provo.  He will be missed at home… and he seems to be doing well… he’s supposed to txt us daily…. We got 1 in a week… so he doesn’t need money, he’s off our grocery bill and eating at the dorm… and he’s going to classes… life is good!

We swung by Kristen's work... 1-800-contacts !  It was fun to see her office--she's all grown up... well, almost!  This is her college age job-she's doing great and if you need contacts (for your eyes, not for your business) give her a call!

The house building continues… still looking like July.. but pushed to the end of July…  but we are still sticking to our scheduling of packing up the week of July 3… loaded on the truck July 6… leaving Eagle to spend the weekend in SLC… then Monday July 9, the family will be starting the new adventure in Tennessee… in my apartment… until the house is ready!

Our Eagle house… we had a buyer… then for some personal reason they backed out… so it’s back on the market… learning for us was make sure ‘all’ the paperwork is signed before you let the realtor take your house off the market…  J Anyone up for a great house in a great neighborhood with a great pool? J

Work at FedEx continues to be great—so many things to learn… but the people are so great to work with… at all levels… we just announced earnings and it was another great year.  Of course, we missed the aggressive plan that was laid out, but still pushed the revenue increase up to $42B… EPS growth was strong… etc…  I love the drive and the passion to do better!   

The IT Mgmt Blog…
Is DevOps a reaction to Failed ITIL Efforts?

The Family Blog…  As a parent, when should you give advice vs mandates?

And the sports update… so the Heat won… the best part of that final game was seeing the ‘Team’ win… I’m not a big Heat fan… but loved the teamwork displayed during that final game. 

Well, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life!  Take care…


Linda Reeves
06/23/2012 16:36

Thanks, Gary! We always love to read your blog! We are excited for you and the move and hope all will go well! We wish WE could by your beautiful home and yard! Someone is going to be very happy! See you soon! Love, Linda and Mel

Malcolm Marais
06/24/2012 08:39

Enjoying the blog thanks Gary. always interesting.

07/21/2012 12:35

Oklahoma had a shot, until Miami started playing team ball...then it was over. Good to hear you survived the move.

12/22/2015 01:13

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