Well, we moved to Memphis!  Kinda…  the house wasn’t quite ready, so the family (Sharlene and our 3 youngest) are staying in my luxurious and spacious 1 bedroom/bathroom apartment… need I say more?

Very emotional as we watched our house in Eagle, Idaho get packed up and loaded on a truck!  And then saying goodbye (for now) to great friends and listening to an hour worth of crying while we headed out.  We drove to SLC for the weekend and spent time with family members and left the car to be shipped.  So July 9, we boarded the plane to Memphis and got to the apartment around midnight!  Funny thing.. July 9, 2000 was when we brought the family to Idaho…  July seems to be our transition month!

A learning… so when your household belongings are being loaded on a truck and you need to live for a few weeks without them, it’s difficult to pick the right amount of things to 'not load'.  At the moment you are picking, you are not packing them in your luggage, nor are you figuring out if there’s space in the car to even fit!  So when we boarded the plane with our 8 pieces of luggage and 7 carry-ons, you’d think we had everything with us! (and that was just Sharlene’s stuff!  Don’t tell her I said that!)

The house building continues… almost there… targeting now around July 27 and moving in the first week of august—school starts for the kids August 6.  They poured the patio, started staining the floors and landscaping starts Monday.  Pictures will be posted next month!

We are spending the weekend in Nashville…  checking out the Gaylord ‘Opry’…  quite the set up.  Check it out online.  Nashville is about 3 hours from Memphis.  Beautiful trees all along the way!  And I saw where the Titans play—Hallowed ground….   Hollow when it comes to superbowl trophies!

Our Eagle house… still on the market..  now without any furniture as we left it empty.  People still coming thru… just waiting for that right buyer!

Jeff and Karlee doing great as they settle in to marriage!  Karlee was accepted to UofU and will be finishing up her degree there!

Courtney and Calvin are doing great as both are now working in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kristen and Parker will be visiting us this summer on break… Kristen will then go back to Utah State and Parker will then return for the fall semester at BYU.  I’ve asked him to txt me once a day… I think I need to reiterate as I only get a txt when he needs something!

Kellie, Marcus and Hailey are learning to say ‘yes’, not ‘yah’…  sir and maaam… it’s going to take some time and I’m sure a few more embarrassing moments!

Work at FedEx… we just pulled off a mainframe migration to our primary data center in Colorado Springs…  major event and came off without a hitch!  Not one outage due to the migration!  Great accomplishment!

Sad to hear about Supervalu Execs putting the company for sale…  so many lessons to be learned as companies attempt to grow through major acquisitions.  There is a real discipline that must be executed during ‘mergers’ and during a tough economy, there is zero tolerance for mistakes.  In good times, almost any decision works…  Hopefully it works out for everyone…
And the sports update… trying to decide on an SEC team to follow for football season.. still will cheer for Boise St.. but need to follow a college close to here…  seems any discussion in Memphis will get you a representation from all the schools in the SEC and it gets passionate pretty quick… the most interesting is watching someone defend the mascot from Arkansas... it's magical to witness how a warthog (a true competitor for the 'ugly' award) is described as such a symbol of power, prestige and dominance...  (Note:  Avoid reminding such fans how ugly the animal truly is!)  We will see…

Well, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life!  Take care…

Have a great month… and yes, The Best is yet to come!!



Marilyn Lewis
07/21/2012 12:24

Wooo Pig Sooee! I'm shocked that you don't see the power, prestige and dominance of a Razorback! You haven't experienced a football game until surrounded by thousands of people calling the hogs!

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