Working at FedEx got me off track from keeping my personal Blogs up to date… well, I figured out I’ll never get caught up and there is so much always to be done or worked on that rather than waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel, I just need to carve out time and do it… so I’m sitting at a beach in Oceanside… admiring the waves as my family sleeps…  so this is a great time to catch up!

Tennessee has been great… the family is enjoying the life of the South… and I’ve learned so much… for example, “Y’all” really is a sub-set of the ‘whole’…  when you want to address the ‘whole’ you say “All Y’all”… took me awhile to figure that out…  thank me later…

The family is enjoying our summer break…  they will spend all of July between California and Utah… I just caught up with them at the beach house (rented… not ours)…

Our newlyweds, Kristen and Jeff Hale, are doing great and enjoying the beach house with us…  we are still figuring out the naming convention as its confusing having a son Jeff and a son-in-law Jeff… neither appreciates being called ‘Jeffrey’… nor ‘little Jeff’…  ideas?

Courtney and Calvin just bought their first home in Charlotte, N Carolina.  They are doing great and adjusting well to "the post-college, married and setting up stakes' phase of their life...  they are about 9 hours away from us... we met them at Hilton Head a few months back..

Parker, who is serving a 2 year mission for our Church, has now been on his mission for 1 ½ months… 22 ½ months to go!!  He was called to the Arizona Tempe mission, but with the announcement of the new Arizona Gilbert mission, he was reassigned to that mission upon arrival to Az…  he’s doing great and loving the ‘warm’ weather… he mentioned the other day that the weather cooled down to 115 degrees!! That’s a positive attitude—especially since they can’t go swimming on their mission!  Courtney is maintaining his blog…   http://parkerbronson.blogspot.com/

Also took Kellie, Marcus and Hailey down to Florida to spend some time with my sister Lisa and her family at a lake house while I worked... they got to boat, tube, ski... yes, while I worked... but I did catch up with them for a friday night boat ride...  lucky kids!

As for work at FedEx, loving the challenges…  there are great people wherever you go and I’m finding the same here at FedEx… I have some great peers that really have welcomed me in and have made me part of the team…  we just completed an expansion of our data center here in Collierville and are continuing to do more with our private cloud… anxiously looking forward to making more use of the public cloud as maturation occurs with the tools…  virtualizing our own data centers and transparently expanding to public data centers is still a vision…

Well… hope all is well with you and I’ll update my family blog, IT Mgmt blog, Leadership blog and a few pictures during my vacation!

Have a great Summer!! … and yes, The Best is yet to come!!    



05/18/2016 05:33

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